Don Nickles

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Don Nickles

Chairman & CEO

Don Nickles is chairman and CEO of The Nickles Group, a firm he founded in 2005 after serving in the U.S. Senate for 24 years.  He oversees the firm’s government relations and consulting practices, also providing strategic advice to clients on a wide range of policy issues.

Guided by his small business roots and belief in fiscal responsibility, Nickles spent his time in the U.S. Senate championing economic growth and lower taxes while also advancing free enterprise. He was successful in repealing the federal inheritance tax on surviving spouses and cutting capital gains and corporate dividend taxes. He also was responsible for repeal of the Windfall Profits Tax and led the fight for natural gas deregulation as well as passage of the Congressional Review Act to repeal onerous regulations. He also passed legislation to repeal the federal 55 mph speed limit. Perhaps most importantly, he believed in collaborating with colleagues across the aisle on policy to benefit the American people.

Nickles was elected at age 31, the youngest Republican U.S. Senator in history, and was later elected by his peers to leadership positions including
Assistant Majority Leader, Chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee and Chairman of the Republican Senatorial Committee. He also served as Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, and was a senior member of the Senate Finance and Energy Committees.  Prior to his time in the U.S. Senate, Nickles served in the Oklahoma State Senate and worked for Nickles Machine Corporation, a family business based in Oklahoma.

Education: Oklahoma State University, bachelor’s degree

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